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Walleye Welcome: 50 to 100 Walleyes can be caught in a single day by one fisherman and that's just a regular day on our remote outpost lakes. That's not just a statement to catch your attention; it's the truth. When you fly into a remote Ontario Walleye fishing lake that is only accessible by air you are fishing water that has had very little fishing pressure. It is virtually the same quality of fishing that it was 200 years ago. There are no other camps. There are no roads or trails. It's absolute isolation in the deep bush of Northern Ontario's wilderness. There are so many Walleyes that they're fighting each other to get at your bait. In the rocky areas the Smallmouth Bass are dense just like the Walleyes. Feeding on all these Walleyes and Smallmouth Bass are the giant Northern Pike. Northern Pike are the apex predators in the lake and use very little energy to catch their dinner so they grow big and fat.

Outposts Camps on Vaughan Lake & Lynx Lake

Both Vaughan Lake and Lynx Lake are stuffed with Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Perch. Both located at the south-end of Lac Seul and north of Dryden Ontario. Fifty to one hundred Walleyes can be caught in a single day by one fisherman with some reaching 10-pounds. Both our outpost lakes are Walleye factories. Northern Pike reach great sizes with 20-pounders being caught-&l-released with the biggest in recent years reaching well over 25-pounds. Smallmouth Bass are plentiful in all sizes with some reaching 6-pounds. Perch are also common and reach the size of a Jumbo Perch. With a sports license for Fly-In Fishing Ontario Canada , you can bring fifty Perch Home.

Mornings don't get any better than stepping outside into that crisp, clean northern air. You will find safe and dependable boats equipped with swivel seats and the finest outboard motors to take you to that honey hole. Spend the morning fighting northerns and reeling in walleyes. Take a break and stop to fix a shore lunch of mouth-watering walleyes. Enjoy the crackle of the campfire, smell of wood smoke, aroma of coffee brewing, along with the fish sizzling and beans simmering. Sit back and relax, take time to reflect on the beauty Mother Nature has created, the majestic pines, pristine Canadian waters and the deafening silence. When it is finally time to say good-bye, you will leave with a lifetime supply of unsurpassed memories that will make you want to come back year after year.

Northern Pike Please Note: Vaughan Lake Fly In Fishing Outpost is only accessible by air. Even though it's the main Walleye spawning bay for Lac Seul and has much better fishing than the main lake, it's a 30-mile gauntlet of shoals and islands to the nearest boat launch.

We also offer big game adventures hunting Black Bear that takes place at our Lynx Lake Outpost. Black Bears are common in the 200 to 275-pound range with some exceeding 400-pounds. To find out more information please visit our Black Bear hunting pages.

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