Ontario Black Bear Hunting

At Ontario North Outpost bear hunting is an annual tradition. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our guests with some of the best bear hunting in NW Ontario. Our years of commitment and experience in offering our hunters successful bear hunting speaks for itself. Your success is our success. It is our goal to see that you will get the best experience for the money.

The Black Bear population in our large Bear Management Area (BMA) is excellent, and has never been over hunted. Our area offers exclusive hunting for our guests. It encompasses 100 square miles, which includes many lakes and river systems. This BMA provides our hunters with unlimited Black Bear hunting opportunities. Black Bears are common in the 200 to 250-pound range with some exceeding 400-pounds.

We provide many baited hunting sites, which are maintained prior to your arrival. This offers you the activity that's required for a great hunt. We start baiting weeks prior to your arrival to assure a quality hunt.

We accommodate both bow and rifle hunters and limit the number of hunters to 8 during any time period. This provides you with the attention needed for an excellent hunt. The bear hunt & fishing is a combination fishing and hunting package, which includes pre-baited areas and first day guide service, and bait each day

We provide 2 baited hunting sites per person, maintained daily for bait and bear activity. The sites are set up and maintained several weeks prior to your arrival and provide hit history and activity. The large number of baited sites allows us to provide our bear hunters with a good choice of sites and the capability to change sites if desired. Our years of experience with bear hunting enables us to set baits in historically known good bear hunting areas which in turn increase the odds for hunting success.

Most of our baited sites have ground blinds but we do have a few tree stands. Most hunters prefer to bring their own tree stands. We will assist you is setting them up. The area we hunt has a proven history of success. Weather conditions and overall hunting conditions play an important role when it comes to the actual kill results.

Non-residents can buy a Hunting License and Outdoor Card on-line here