Flight Preparation

About Wilderness Air

The exclusive fly-in travel service for Ontario North Outpost is Wilderness Air. At Wilderness Air specializes in very remote fly-in fishing adventures. Fly with Wilderness Air and enjoy the splendor, serenity and exclusiveness of the remote wilderness experience.

Wilderness Air's fleet of aircraft include 2 deHavilland Otters, 3 deHavilland Beavers, and 1 Cessna 185. Serviced at our own maintenance facility, our aircraft are well maintained and safe.

FLIGHT TIMES Will be set by Wilderness Air and will notify the group leader of the set time, weather permitting of course.

WEIGHT LIMITS Try to stay at 125 pounds per person (Please weigh at home to avoid delays, embarrassment as we must comply with these restrictions for safety)

Click Here for Detailed Suggestions For Packing (Adobe .pdf)


OVERLOADS will be charged and flown in accordingly (depending on weather and time). Inquire about having items flown in ahead of time.

NOTE: All parties are responsible to pay for time reserved and any physical damage to cabins, boats, motors, and equipment.

In case of an emergency at your site, satellite phones are provided to all groups.

It Doesn't Get Any Better Come morning, when you step outside into that crisp clean air you will find safe and dependable boats equipped with swivel seats and the finest outboard motors to take you to that honey hole. Spend the morning fighting northerns and reeling in walleyes. Take a break and stop to fix a shore lunch of mouth-watering walleyes.

Enjoy the crackle of the campfire, smell of wood smoke, aroma of coffee brewing, along with the fish sizzling and beans simmering. Sit back and relax, take time to reflect on the beauty God has created, the majestic pines, pristine Canadian waters and the deafening silence. For it doesn't get any better than this. When it is finally time to say good-bye, you will leave with a lifetime supply of unsurpassed memories that will make you want to come back year after year.

Experience The Best! Come experience the "best fishing", "best service", and "best equipment" at the best prices.

Fantastic Friends & Fishing We'll gladly provide some extras, too, if you want them, a food package or cold drinks, we'll do all we can so you can enjoy yourself in the company of family or friends. A unique brand of camaraderie awaits you here in your own lakeside corner of the world. Who'll be the first to reel in a wall-hanger?

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