Fly-in Lake with Perch Fishing

The Yellow Perch is one of the most common fish species found in Ontario. They are not officially considered a game fish but they are highly prized by fisherman as they are one of the best tasting fish in the world.

In Lynx Lake and Vaughan Lake, there are lots of Perch and many reach the size status of Jumbo Perch. Usually you find Perch hiding in the weeds with the bigger ones out to the edge of the weeds. They will also stay and mingle with schools of Walleyes for protection from Pike.

With a Sports License you can bring 50 Perch home with you. This way you have enough meat to invite your friends over for the big fish fry.


It is illegal to use a live or whole Perch for bait. After cleaning them for lunch some of the scraps can be used as Walleye and bass bait.

After cleaning a Perch cut the thin white belly meat off as this part of the perch contains all the fat and oils. Then hold the strip down with your fingernail and scale the piece with your knife so all you have is skin and belly meat with no scales. Then poke your jig hook through the skin first at one end so the Perch mean dangles off your hook. Perch belly meat drives the Walleyes crazy. With belly neat you can easily catch 100 Walleyes in a day as well as lots of bigger Perch. If you catch some really big Jumbo Perch cut the gullets out and use those for bait as well.