How to Get Here

Map & Directions to Wilderness Air

The easiest way to reach us is to cross the border at International Falls, MN into Fort Frances Ontario and follow HWY 11 EAST through town. You will cross Rainy Lake at the Causeway Bridge. Continue on to the east until you come to Highway 502 North. (Roughly 5 minutes past "The Great Bear" gas station on the north side of the highway.)

Turn left (north) on Hwy 502. Follow this highway north approxitmly 95 miles until you reach Hwy 594, turn right (east) go to first stop sign and turn left (north) follow around mill until you reach the stop light which is Hwy 17, turn left (north) and follow to Vermilion Bay (watch speed limit) continue through Vermilion Bay about a mile to Hwy 647 (Bobby's Bait shop is also at this corner) turn right (north) for about 3/4 of a mile to Wilderness Air. An alternate route would be to take Hwy 71 north to Hwy 17 then east to Vermilion Bay

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By Private Plane

Clear customs at Fort Frances, Ontario, 90 air miles straight north is Vermilion Bay. The airport is two miles north of town.

For airport pick-up, simply call us at (807) 227-5473 or 1-800-760-0924, before leaving Fort Frances. Call us Air Freq. 130.7 When you make your reservation we will ensure that you have all the information you need to find us easily.

Fill your gas tank in International Falls. Gas is cheaper and only one gas station for next 160 miles

Printable Map in .pdf

Approximate driving distances to Dryden, Ontario, Canada

  • Fargo, ND 450 miles
  • Fort Frances 155 miles
  • Milwaukee WI, 700 miles
  • Duluth, MN 315 miles
  • Minneapolis, MN 470 miles
  • Chicago, IL 800 miles
  • Eau Claire, WI 440 miles
  • Des Moines, IA 660 miles
  • Kansas City, MO 855 miles
  • St. Louis, MO 970 miles
  • Indianapolis, IN 930 miles
  • Detroit, MI 1030 miles
  • Tulsa, OK 1110 miles
  • Nashville, TN 1220 miles